December 9, 2021

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How to Potty-Training your Cat

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We love our little furballs, but there’s one thing no cat owner likes to deal with: the litter box. From all that scooping, to having to vacuum and sweep up scattered litter, litter boxes and trays are just a pain. There’s a better way, though: learn how to potty train your cat!


Sounds ridiculous, right? Actually, it’s not, as crazy as it sounds . . . it’s doable! It just requires following these steps and having patience. But think of the payoff (if not the social media buzz). Are you ready to learn how to potty-train your cat? gives you the scoop on no more scooping.

1. Accept that potty-training a cat will take time

This will be a gradual process, particularly if your kitty has been using a litter box for most of his or her life. Take each step slowly. If you experience a setback, no problem: just keep trying. With most cats, your patience will eventually pay off.

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2. Gradually move the cat’s litter box over to the toilet

If you have more than one bathroom, pick the one that you’d like the cat to use. Try to avoid the temptation of just picking up the litter box and moving it right next to the toilet. Cats like routine, so a gradual move over a few days will help them get used to the idea.

3.  Gradually raise the litter box

Using boxes, books or even a small table, raise the litter box up so your cat can get used to jumping up to go to the bathroom, rather than just stepping in. The goal is to get the box on the same level as the toilet bowl. Keep in mind, if you have an older cat that’s experiencing problems jumping, or a kitten that’s too little to make the leap, you may have to hold off on this training or construct a ramp or steps.

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4. Prepare the toilet for the switch

Now’s the time to get your cat to start thinking of the toilet as their new litter tray. There are several contraptions that you can purchase to do this, such as CitiKitty or LitterKwitter. However you can also use a round or oval bowl that fits into your toilet.

The easiest option would probably be to purchase one of the systems available. Add some litter to these and help encourage your cat to jump up there.

5. Be prepared for an occasional mess

As your cat gets used to the new setup, there may be accidents or messes that will need to be cleaned up. See Step 1 and stay persistent.

6. Remove the litter completely

Once your cat appears to be balancing on the seat and comfortable using the toilet, remove the litter and any systems you might be using so they can try their hand (or paw) at using the toilet without any litter.

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