December 9, 2021

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8 DIY Cat House Plans You Can Make Today

Learning how to make a cat house is a perfect way to provide a safe and enclosed space for your kitty to take a nap. This is especially useful if you have a busy house where there’s always noise and bustle. We scoured the internet for 8 of the best DIY Cat House Plans available for you… and the even better news is that they’re all completely free.

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How to Make a Cat House

From a minimal and modern plywood cat house to a simple and cute cardboard hideaway, take a look through them all before choosing your favorite. For every plan, we’ve mentioned the tools and materials you’ll need, plus the estimated level of skill required.

1. Cozy Crocheted Cat Cave by Eilen Tein

Created by Finnish designer Eilen Tein, this cozy crocheted cat cave provides the perfect soft spot for your cat to curl up in. Once built, this cave should measure approximately 37cm wide by 20cm high.

Your cat can also choose to sleep on top of this cave, as it will easily squash down to form a snuggly bed too. While this bed requires minimal materials and tools, you will need to be confident at crocheting before you attempt to make it!

2. Simple Cardboard Cat House by Cat Lessons

If you’re short on materials but have a spare cardboard box lying around – turn it into this simple cardboard cat house from Cat Lessons. You only need basic tools to transform your old box into a stylish house for your kitty.

As a plus, there’s a nice video tutorial here, and you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating!

3. Beehive Cardboard Cat House from Instructorless

Now we’re inspired by the use of some spare cardboard, what about this stylish Beehive Cardboard Cat House from Instructables? The stylish and eye-catching design is created from layer upon layer of cardboard circles, with a door in the lower sections.

The cool thing about this plan is that you can adapt it to suit the size of your cat – simply adjust the size of the circles!

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4. Pallet Cat House from Instructorless

If you have some old pallets lying around, they’re the perfect thing to be upcycled into a cat house. You can easily adapt this plan for a Pallet Cat House from Instructables to the size of your cat, as well as adding some extras like a tower, carpet or whatever you think your cat will enjoy!

Feel free to paint this up to match your existing décor and your cat can enjoy a cool crib all of their own.

5. Double Storey Cardboard Cat House by Martha Stewart

Many cats love to sleep up high, so they’ll love this Double Storey Cardboard Cat House from Martha Stewart. This plan includes a printable template to make crafting this house super easy and simple.

Within only a couple hours your cat can be enjoying their new house in style! The plan for this cat house includes a step-by-step photo tutorial which is super easy to follow along.

6. Wool Felted Cat House with Ears by Wool Walker

This extremely cute Wool felted cat house with ears by Wool Walker will keep your cat feeling super warm and cozy all winter long. The extra-large size measures 50cm wide, making this perfect for bigger kitties.

Wool Walker estimates you’ll need 5 hours to make this cat house, but you can follow along with their video tutorial with all the steps you need.

7. Minimal Indoor Cat House by Brittany Goldwyn

This stylish Minimal Indoor Cat House by Brittany Goldwyn has exposed plywood sides for an industrial and minimal feel. The hairpin legs add a stylish touch which means this cat house won’t look out of place in a modern office or kitchen.

While this plan needs an advanced level of tools and skill, it does include a full step-by-step plan which includes a list of all the cuts you need to make. Plus, depending on which hardware store you get your plywood from, they’ll sometimes cut it to size for you!

8. Double Cat House by Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown

If you’ve got cats who like to snuggle up together, this Double Cat House by Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown is a great choice. It’s made from reclaimed wood.

The video tutorial is super clear and easy to follow, so even if you don’t have an advanced level of DIY skill you could surprise yourself by making this!


That’s a wrap! We hope you found our roundup of 8 of the best free DIY cat house plans useful.

There’s something there for any cat owner’s skill level – from a super easy cardboard house your young kids can help you build, to an impressive double cat house that requires some skill and tools to complete. Completing DIY projects like these is always fun and rewarding.

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