December 9, 2021

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Best Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

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Cat Lovers Are you searching for the purrfect gift for a cat lover in your life? Well, you don’t have to work too hard to find a variety of fun products that any cat enthusiast will be happy to receive, but there are certain options that are more attractive than others. So, if you don’t want to give the same old type of presents to the pet parents that you care about, check out our list below of 10 of the best unique gifts for cat lovers.

Cat Lovers

To organize this list, we’ve divided some of the top gift ideas for cat parents into three main categories: for the kitchen, for the office, and just for fun. As you can see, there are a host of products that can be functional in everyday life, and there are also some that are just for kicks because sometimes the best gifts are the ones that can be used purely for entertainment.

Hopefully, the gift options below will help you if you’ve been struggling to come up with any ideas, or they might be just the inspiration you need in order to come up with a brand new gift idea that you know your recipient will love.

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For the Kitchen:

Cat people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen might appreciate a gift that not only showcases their love of felines, but can also come in handy when preparing their favorite meals, drinks, and desserts. Sure, there are plenty of cat-themed mugs, oven mitts, and kitchen towels to choose from, but you already knew that, right? If you are looking for something a little different that will surprise your recipient when they open up their gift, take a look at the following products as a few examples of what is possible when shopping for a terrific present.

1. White Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups

measuring cups are attractive and functional, featuring a heart-shaped nose and whiskers painted on the front, and the size of the cup painted on the handle. Plus, the front of these cups also feature little ears as part of their shape.

Made of strong ceramic, these measuring cups are resistant to chipping and cracking, and you can store them easily, thanks to their stackable, nesting design. Also, this is a four-piece set, so it includes the following sizes: ¼ cup, 1/3 cup, ½ cup, and 1 cup.

2. Decorative Tabby Kitty Cat Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture

Cat Wine Bottle Holder Sculpture is definitely going to be a conversation starter at any party or an informal get-together at your gift recipient’s home. And they’ll surely be happy to talk about it, along with the fact that you were the generous person who gave it to them!

This amusing wine bottle holder is an entertaining way to put your favorite wine on display, as it features a cute orange cat on its back, holding the bottle with its paws, and grabbing onto the cap with its teeth. It basically looks like the cat is playing with the bottle and drinking from it.

This sculpture measures 9 1/2” x 4 3/8” x 6 3/8”, and it weighs 2.3 pounds. Also, it is individually handcrafted from cold cast resin, so the colors might look a little different than what you see displayed in the product image online.

3. Decorative Black & White Kitty Cat Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Holder Figurine

Another gift idea for a cat lover who likes collecting kitchen accessories is the Decorative Black & White Kitty Cat Glass Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Holder Figurine. Unlike your average salt and pepper shaker set, this one comes with a little statue of a black and white cat that is sitting on its hind legs so that it can hold the glass salt and pepper shakers in its paws. It is really cute, and quite unique, making for a conversation-starting accessory at any dinner party.

This product measures 4.6” x 4.5” x 7.2”, and it weighs 1.6 pounds. Each one is individually handcrafted from cold cast resin, which means the colors might vary a bit from one figurine to the next. No spices are included, but you do get the two glass shakers.

4. Post-it Pop-Up Note Dispenser Cat Shape

The Post-it Pop-Up Note Dispenser Cat Shape is a great gift for anyone who uses Post-It Notes a lot, whether at their desk at home or at work. Plus, this is a neat little way to personalize your desk with something that reflects who you are, which is why cat parents are bound to like this gift.

Measuring 3” x 3”, this weighted sticky note dispenser will easily fit on any desk and make keeping notes easier. You can grab a sticky note quickly with one hand, without having to worry about the entire dispenser moving out of place.

This dispenser is painted white, so it will fit in with just about any design scheme. It is crafted in the shape of a cat holding a pad of sticky notes, and it has a cute little kitty face painted in black as well.

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5. Scotch Kitty Dispenser with Scotch Magic Tape

If you know someone who uses a lot of tapes but they don’t yet have a proper tape dispenser on their desk, it might be time to give them a gift that can help make their life a little easier. And that’s where this unique tape dispenser can come into play.

Upgrade any boring tape dispenser with the Scotch Kitty Dispenser with Scotch Magic Tape, featuring a little white cat on its back, with its paws extended and holding onto the tape roll. On the tip of the cat’s tail is the blade for cutting a piece of tape with ease whenever you need it. A really neat addition to your office at home or at work!

This gift could even be a great complement to the Post-It Note dispenser discussed above, as this cat is also designed in white with black paint creating an adorable face. Also, this dispenser is refillable, and it does come with one roll of Scotch Magic Tape to get you started.

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