December 9, 2021

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7 Fun Cat-Themed Games for your Phone

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Cat Games Confession time: my iPad is overrun with cat apps! It’s teetering dangerously close to being an obsession, actually. That would not surprise anyone who knows me though, since cats and computer games are two of my very favorite things. But the way I see it, playing cat games is just harmless fun, and there are far worse ways to waste time, right? For those of you who also love cats and computer games, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite apps. All of these 7 cat games are available for both iOS and Android platforms.


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Simon’s Cat: Crunch Time

I’ve loved Simon Tofield’s animated cat cartoons since his first award-winning video debuted in 2008. So of course I had to check out the newest offering in the now-vast Simon’s Cat empire – a super fun but challenging “match 3” game called Crunch Time. It features hundreds of adorable illustrations and animations, and the game is updated frequently with new levels. There are also daily challenges, monthly challenges, treasure hunts, tournaments and lots more, so there is always something to do even if you’ve completed all of the levels.

Nyan Cat: Lost in Space

This is another cat game that began with a cute animated cat video. Nyan Cat has a Pop-Tart for a body and blasts through space like a supercat. In the game you play as Nyan Cat and fly through a myriad of planets collecting various food items and coins while detonating bombs, enabling rocket boosts, jumping onto platforms made of cake and avoiding angry dogs.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever

Yep. There is a game featuring everyone’s favorite real-life sourpuss! If you love Grumpy Cat (of course you do!) then you’ll enjoy this game. Sarcastic title aside, it’s a pretty fun cat game. You can play mini games, share memes, get high scores and challenge your friends. Naturally, Grumpy Cat says it’s “awful!” (It really isn’t). I did find it a bit repetitive and got bored with the gaming after awhile, but I still like to play it now and then.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

After several of my cat loving friends raved about how addicting this game was, I had to check it out. The concept couldn’t be simpler: you place food and toys in your yard and wait for cats to visit. It’s a bit more of a passive style of game than I typically like, but I can certainly see how a person could become obsessed with collecting all of the 40 different cats. Plus, as you collect more cats, you unlock other areas and if you have the right “bait” you might even lure some rare felines to your yard. Each cat is logged into a Catbook where you can view details about them. You can also take photos of your cat visitors.

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Bread Kittens

This cute game takes that “bread cat” funny meme thing to a whole new level. And it’s another entertaining cat game with a ton of things to do. You journey through Catlandia rescuing unique kittens in every region. You can “bread” them which not only makes them stronger and better in the battles, but makes you laugh because they look hilarious wearing different varieties of bread. There are lots of in-game rewards and achievements to earn which keeps the game fresh. Oh, and I should mention that for dog fans, there is also a Bread Puppies game.

Kitty City

In this game, your goal is to help the cats (aka “Kittizens”) restore Kitty City to the thriving meowtropolis it was before a giant yarn ball meteor destroyed everything. There is a lot to do here – you harvest crops and build shops to produce goods, catch fish for the Kittizens to eat at the Kibble Kantina, decorate your city and even help neighboring cities. You can also rescue cats to unlock new buildings and recipes, compete with your friends and level up your Kittizens to earn bonuses.

Cat Simulator

Admit it – you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a cat, right? Well, here’s your chance to come pretty close. In this game you play as a real cat and explore eleven locations while basically doing cat stuff like destroying vases, playing with a ball, jumping on the kitchen table, drinking from a faucet and annoying the dog. You can be a Maine Coon kitten, Persian cat, Bobcat, Cheetah, Tiger and more. You can dress up your cat, test your skills in timed challenges and play with other kittens in the multiplayer mode .

This list only scratches the surface (bad pun, sorry!) of all of the many fun cat themed game that exist. But I had to pick just a few of my favorites or this article would never end. Are there any cat games you love that I haven’t included? Please share!

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