December 9, 2021

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7 Best Cat Calming Spray of 2019

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Cats also suffer from the awkward behavioral backlashes especially when a guest visits your home. Although the guest does not have any unusual scent on him, for example, that of dog, other cats, etc. Still, your cat wouldn’t stay with the guest unless he uses the best cat calming spray on themselves.


Not to mention, you can’t attract cats just by using treats. That trick is only possible for dogs!

The 10 Best Cat Pheromone Sprays for Calming Cats

1. Comfort Zone Scratch Cat Calming Spray

Comfort Zone is the premium and most effective cat pheromone spray which uses the standard formula. This product is useful for all the cats finding difficult to cope up with the surroundings. Since the spray can effectively control the aggressive behavior of the cats with its formula. In fact, the formula with 15% formula has longer-lasting effects.

Additionally, calming spray for cats aims at controlling anxious behavior. The vibrant formula with its Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether does a great job adding a subtle fragrance. In this manner, the fragrance and pheromone will last for a certain time and require you to spray it after every couple of hours.

  • Volume: 60 ml
  • Fragrance: No

    2. Nature’s Miracle Calming Spray for Cats

    Nature’s Miracle scratching deterrent spray reviews for the second best cat calming spray product. It works perfectly for all the cats of different breeds or life stages. This formula is made of soothing formula which has mild scents and pheromone for cats necessary for an anxious cat.

    The cat calming spray reviews state that you can rely on this formula because of its inert ingredients. It will act effectively in calming the cat and not have excessive effects. Having said that, the formula is made to calm the cat down and not completely sedate him. Because some of the strong formulae will have these side effects. The strong formulae will calm the cat to the extent where the cat will tend to sleep which is not the case with calming spray for cats.

    • Volume: 60 ml
    • Fragrance: No

      3. Sentry Stop That! for Cats – Cat Relaxing Spray

      Coming to the best cat calming spray with fragrance which will do wonders when your cat doesn’t behave normally. Sentry calming spray for cats does most of the task that too when your cat is getting mad over everything he finds. This is a concentrated formula that lasts long unlike the Sentry calming diffuser for cats.

      Although, this calming spray for cats is beneficial when your cat is getting mad over the furniture of the new cat bed you brought. Additionally, the apparent spray is flammable like most of the sprays you have used. However, calming spray for cats is neither harmful to cats nor humans but it causes inflammation to the cats.

      • Volume: 60 ml
      • Fragrance: Yes

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      • 4. Feliway Pheromone Travel Calming Spray for Cats

        Moving from the Feliway spray reviews of collar and Sentry spray pump, here we have the pump spray from Feliway spary for cats sold under Ceva label. This is another from Feliway – the versatile cat diffuser brand.

        In addition to that, this calming spray for cats works similar to the cat pheromone diffuser. The only difference between the two is that the diffuser is meant for a large area and has higher calming pheromones for cats proportion.

        • Volume: 20 ml
        • Fragrance: No

          5. Sentry Calming Pheromone Cat Ralxing Spray

          Coming to the new type of diffuser calming pheromones for cats, this is a feline pheromone spray and not a regular cat calming plug in or calming diffuser for cats. This is the similar Sentry cat pheromone that we have seen earlier on the apparent best cat calming spray reviews.

          In addition to that, this major use of the pheromones for cats is to invite him/her to a spot without freaking him/her. Along with that, you can pump this calming spray for cats on the new furniture or the cat bed you’ve got for your cat. Generally, cats will not adapt to the changes instantly unless you use this cat pheromone spray.

          • Volume: 29 ml
          • Fragrance: No


          • 6. Richard’s Organics Pet Calm

            Richard’s Organics is not a regular cat calming pheromone spray but a basic pet calming liquid. It consists of natural ingredients which ultimately leads to calming the pets. After using this liquid, your pet especially a cat will certainly settle down from anxiety and behave calmly.

            In addition to that, you will have to dose your cat with this liquid by mixing it with the food. Hence, it starts acting once the med passes through the digestive tract after a few minutes. Thereafter, your pet will eventually get calmer and act nicer.

            • Volume: 59 & 118 ml(2 Variants)
            • Fragrance: No

              7. Felisept Home Comfort Calming Spray

              This pump works differently than the regular feline pheromone sprays on these cat calming spray reviews. Felisept is the cat calming spray that consists of nepetalactone as its active ingredient. This ingredient is responsible for calming the cats.

              On the contrary, nepetalactone used in this product is safely formulated to have its optimum effects without any side effects. Therefore, using calming spray for cats will effectively calm down your cat but it also makes your cat lethargic.

              • Volume: 100 ml
              • Fragrance: No
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